24 juli 2008

Today it's thursday...

A few things has happened since saturday. Sunday, the second day she was let out of the cage and then put back in the cage she realized that she will get out again so she stuffed her cheeks with lots of little woodies and food and tried to get out. I, however didn't let her out because of fear she might start a nest somewhere out here and that wouldn't be very good... She doesn't stay still in my hand. She just keeps running and running...

I also got registered at a hamster ifokus site where I met her owner as well. :) We looked at the owners website and found pics of Clippys mum and dad. That was really nice to see. :)

Monday, the third day...we couldn't find her anywhere in the cage... :(
But later during the day she was out and I kept wondering where she was hidden! Tuesday, the fourth day she was gone again so I didn't stop looking for her and finally found her in the tube above the cage! She's been sleeping in it all this time. I was worried that it might not be good because of the plastic but she seemed alright for now. She still keeps running out of the hand.

Wednesday, the fifth day she was sleeping in the tube once again BUT her fur was messy and wet so I forced her out of the tube, had to trick her out with some food. You can see her fur.

I gave her a bath with simple room temperature water and then tried to dry her with a towel but she wanted to run off so I let her.

After a while she was out playing in the room like normal and her fur was dry. :) Here you can see Clippy climbing the cage! Today she lets me carry her from the cage to the floor and other places she has problems coming down from or getting up to. :) But...she still runs out of the hand.

Thursday, today...

At night before we went to sleep I took off the entrances to the tube so the only way to get in there was to climb the cage roof and I put a lid on the entrance closest to the house (she might've been able to get in from there. However, this morning I found her in the TUBE... She really loves it in there....but it's not very good so we're going to try and find another lid so she can't get into itfrom the other side.
I got her out of the tube and carried her to the kitchen AND SHE STAYED without fuss on my hand! I got some cucumber for her and she took a piece and carried it in her mouth and tried to get back to a place where she could place it! :) I carried her back to the room and let her stay in the cage a little while. She didn't want to stay there so I let her out with the cucumber still in her mouth, unfortunately I couldn't take any good pictures. I'm soon leaving for work so I'll soon let her into the cage again.

Bye bye...

23 juli 2008

Getting a hamster

This event occured 19th july 2008
I miss having a fluffy friend beside me...
When I was younger the family had a cat for a short while and after that lots of bunnies since me and my brother had a boy and girl...and my boy didn't leave his girl alone so we ended up with more bunnies. The latest pet we had was a beautiful bird who loved to sit on peoples head and she would always follow me. :) When I was even younger my dad had ducks, pidgeons, horses, a dog, cats and bunnies.

It's not hard to tell that animals have always been a big part of my father's life. I love animals too, just as much as my father does and I was longing for someone to take care of and the guy I'm seeing now said a hamster is very good. I always thought hamsters were impossible to tame and didn't do anything but stay in their cage but he told me they like to play. :) So after a while, we decided to get a hamster. The search began...
I looked around for people in my town who might have a hamster for sale, a baby, since we wanted to be there from baby to adult. We couldn't find one, so I went online and looked and found a woman in a town close by who just had babies with a pedigree following it. We answered the ad and shortly after she replied, 3 hamsters left! Of course we were already interested so we wanted to go get a hamster asap (as soon as possible). We told her we were interested in the black short-haired female she had so she said she could come into city with her. We decided a date and time, saturday 15pm. I was so happy and excited about it. :)
On the same day as we would meet we went and bought a cage and food but by the time we were to take the bus Daniel, the guy I'm seeing, was so hungry he wanted to eat so I called the owner Imasy (alias online) of the hamster babies and asked if it was ok if we came an hour later, which it was. :)

When we finally arrived at Falun (the town we were going to pick her up) we didn't even have time to go to the meeting stop before Imasy was already there! :) The whole thing went very quickly and smootly and she had prepared a box of her own with some food and newspaper. So we departed with the little black girl and she was frozen in a corner the whole trip, probably out of fear.

She's in here while waiting for the bus!

We got home and Daniel said hi to her while I set up the cage (which I insisted in doing). When the cage was ready we let her enter it and get familiar with her new home. I put some newspapers that came with the box in there and she immediatly ran into it and stayed there for approximately 40 minutes until she came out and looked around.

She ate some seeds...

...climbed around

...some carrots...

Thank you for the meal!

Later I let her out to play in my room for about one hour. There aren't any places for her to hide in here and we did it to see how it would go to let her out in the room. Fortunately it's impossible for her to climb to high places even though she tries in the corner of the walls....with 99% failure. Luckily for her and us, she doesn't bite any wires/cables. :) I don't let her out unless I'm in the room anyway so I have an overview of all the wires and such. :)

Now both her, me and Daniel are going to sleep.

Good Night...